Tire Service in Cleveland, Ohio

Keeping your tires well-maintained is essential to your car’s safety and longevity. Weather, time, and road conditions can all wear on your tires over time. At North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland, we can help keep your tires in perfect condition. Our team of experienced technicians performs tire services like tire rotation, tire balancing, and tire replacement. Read on to learn about the importance of tire services, the solutions our team offers, and the process for scheduling a tire service at our Cleveland, Ohio dealership.

Do Tires Need Regular Service?

Regular tire service is vital to your car’s health. Improperly maintained tires can cause shaking, discomfort, poor traction, and other safety hazards. To make sure your tires keep you safe on the road, it’s important to check and service them frequently. Aim to inspect your tires on a monthly basis, checking their tread width, air pressure, and balance. 

If you drive your car on a long trip, it’s also important to check your tires when you return to ensure they’re still functional. You can perform a visual inspection by looking at the tires’ tread and inflation level. If you notice shaking while you’re driving your car, it could be a sign your tires need maintenance. Additionally, if your car naturally drifts to one side of the road, this could indicate damage to one of your tires.

While you can inspect your tires on your own by looking at them and paying attention to them while driving, most in-depth tire services are best performed by professionals. 

Tire Rotation in Cleveland, Ohio

Because each tire on your vehicle operates independently, driving causes irregular strain on the tires. As tires move and break under the weight of the vehicle, they each wear differently, which over time can damage the quality of your car’s performance. To prevent this, it’s preferable to get your car’s tires rotated regularly.

Tire rotation is a service in which a technician moves the tires on your vehicle to a different position. When they remove the tire, they often also inspect it for under-inflation, over-inflation, or damage. This service typically extends the life of your tires and helps your car operate properly.

Each vehicle needs rotation at a different interval. Check your owner’s manual to learn how often the manufacturer recommends you rotate your vehicle’s tires. It’s common for car owners to get their tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Because most car owners get their oil changed every 5,000 miles, some people prefer to schedule these services together. You can request both an oil change and a tire rotation at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland.

Technicians might perform tire rotation differently on different vehicles due to their body and build. For example, some cars use different tires on the front and rear, and therefore, you can’t exchange front and rear tires. You can also check your owner’s manual for specific instructions about how your car should be serviced.

Tire Balancing Services in Cleveland, Ohio

A car’s weight is distributed unevenly across the four wheels and tires. This is normal, but over time, it can wear down your tires. Ideally, all four tires will balance the car’s weight evenly, and your vehicle will drive more comfortably. Properly balanced tires allow for a smoother ride, and it can even make your car more fuel-efficient. To redistribute weight, technicians perform a service called tire balancing.

Tire balancing is a process in which technicians place tires on a machine to measure the weight distribution. To equalize the weight each tire carries, they add small weights to the wheels. They continue this process, adding weights a little at a time until all four tires carry a consistent weight.

There are a few signs that it might be time to get your tires balanced. If your car vibrates while you drive it, your tires could be significantly unbalanced. After two years of driving or 5,000 miles, your tires are typically due for balancing. Many drivers prefer to get their tires balanced when they get them rotated. If you ever add new tires to your vehicle, it’s helpful to plan on getting them properly balanced. If you’re in need of tire balancing services, our technicians at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland are happy to help you.

Get Your Tires Replaced at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland

There are many reasons you might want to replace your tires. If your tires’ tread wears down too much, it’s likely time to get new ones. At a minimum, your tread should be 2/32 inches deep. With any less tread, your car violates safety standards and may be unsafe to drive. Damage might also require you to change a tire. If you puncture your tire by driving over a sharp object like a shard of glass or a nail, it’s important to replace the tire immediately.

At North Coast Auto Mall, we have a diverse inventory of tires to fit your car’s needs. If you don’t know what kind of tire you need, our technicians can inspect your car and make recommendations. To learn more about our tire inventory, contact us today.

Schedule Your Tire Service at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland

With convenient hours, knowledgeable staff, and a vast selection of parts, North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland is your destination for car service in the Cleveland area. You can schedule a tire service today using our convenient online form. Whether you want your tires rotated, balanced, replaced, or any combination of the three, our helpful team members will make sure your vehicle is operating as smoothly as ever.

Proper car maintenance is an essential component of used vehicle upkeep. Bringing your car in for regular tire services like rotation, balancing, and replacement helps you stay safe on the road, helps your car hold its value, and helps extend the life of a pre-owned vehicle. We also offer a range of other helpful services, including wheel alignment and brake service.

For more information about the services we offer at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland, explore our service department offerings or reach out to us today at 216-398-6892. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon.