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When your vehicle is due for regular service or in need of a major overhaul, you can entrust it to the North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland. Our service team is ready, willing, and able to handle anything regarding your service needs. Let us help extend your vehicle’s life span by scheduling top-quality service with our professional service team.

Our professional team of qualified service technicians is standing by to assist you with all of your service-related needs. From routine maintenance to major mechanical repair and everything in between, our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and the experience to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years. It is essential to set up a maintenance schedule for your car to avoid costly repairs and keep your car, truck, or SUV safe for you and your passengers.

Common Service Tasks Handled By Our Team

Here at North Coast Auto Mall, we understand the importance of a well-maintained vehicle. Performing routine maintenance like oil changes, tire replacements, alignments, tire rotations, and brake pad cleanings and replacements can help you keep your vehicle looking and performing like new. Our service professionals can also help you with major mechanical repairs and overhauls when you need them. In addition to major mechanical tasks, these are some of the regular maintenance services we offer and why they’re important for your vehicle.

Oil Changes

How often to get your oil changed can depend on the vehicle you drive, how often you drive it, and the type of oil you use. Some vehicles and oil types may require that you change the oil every 3,000 miles. Newer vehicles and synthetic oils can lengthen the time you go between oil changes, allowing you to wait between 5,000 and 7,000 miles before getting your oil changed. Our mechanical specialists here at North Coast Auto Mall can help you learn more about your vehicle and the type of oil to use so you help it perform its best.

It’s important to get your oil changed regularly, as it’s a common form of maintenance that can help you keep your car performing well and avoid additional mechanical issues. During an oil change, our professionals will check your air filter, coolant levels, power steering fluid, brake fluid, chassis lubrication, and washer fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. These are some of the top reasons to schedule an oil change with our experts:

  • Reduce engine buildup and wear.
  • Boost your gas mileage.
  • Extend the life of your engine.
  • Provide engine lubrication.

Tire Replacement

Regardless of how many miles you drive each year, it’s important to purchase new cars for your vehicle at least every six years. This is because tires can degrade over time even when you aren’t driving on them. Depending on how often you drive your vehicle, you may need to replace your tires more often than every six years. For example, those who take a lot of road trips or drive long distances may need to replace their tires more frequently than those who don’t. By getting regular tire rotations and ensuring your tires have the proper pressure level, you can keep them in good shape for longer.

A good way to tell if it’s time to replace your tires is to check the amount of tread they have. When tires dip lower than 4/32 inches of tread, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment to get new tires. If you’re unsure of how much tread you have on your tires, schedule an appointment with our specialists who can help you determine if it’s time for a new set and help you pick the best tire replacement for your driving style and climate.


The alignment service we offer at North Coast Auto Mall ensures your suspension, wheels, and tires are adjusted to the proper angles. The suspension system within your vehicle connects to the wheels, and when it’s not aligned properly, it can cause the vehicle to pull to the right or left side when you’re driving. This can make it more difficult to drive safely and can make some of your tires wear more quickly than others.

It’s a good idea to get an alignment for your vehicle every two to three years, depending on your other maintenance needs. Some causes for misalignment in the suspension, wheels, and tires can include hitting potholes, off-roading, and normal wear and tear. By scheduling an alignment with our specialists, you may help your vehicle be more stable, improve the handling, help your suspension last longer, maximize your fuel efficiency, and increase your safety when driving the car.

Tire Rotation

It’s best to get your tires rotated every six months, or every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, depending on which you reach first. If you drive an average of 12,000 miles per year, it may be a good idea to have your tires rotated twice a year. Tire rotation is the process of removing the tire from the car and moving it to a different spot. When you get regular tire rotations, you routinely reposition the tires in specific patterns, such as side to side or front to back. Some manufacturers may require that you rotate tires to maintain their warranty.

When you schedule routine tire rotations, you can evenly spread the wear and tear on the tires across all four of them to maximize the tread life for each tire. For example, if you drive a front-wheel-drive car, the tires at the front may receive more wear and tear, and by swapping them out with the other tires, you can avoid overusing the ones in the front and underusing the ones in the back. By keeping the tread on your tires uniform, you can improve handling and fuel efficiency as well.

Brake Maintenance

It’s important to inspect and perform maintenance on your vehicle’s brakes at least every 12,000 miles. Brake components to maintain include the brake fluid, brake line, calipers, rotors, and brake pads. Our specialists can assess your brake components to clean and replace necessary parts. Brake maintenance is important because regularly replacing your brake pads and brake fluid can increase braking efficiency and safety. Regularly performing maintenance on your brakes may help you stop faster and avoid accidents or collisions, which can keep you safe and extend the life of your vehicle. These are some benefits of consistent brake maintenance:

  • Reduce wear on other vehicle components.
  • Improve handling and driving comfort.
  • Boost safety and increase stopping power.

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At North Coast Auto Mall, we’re passionate about making sure your vehicle is safe to drive and performs well. Scheduling maintenance on your car, truck, or SUV now can help you save money on fuel costs and future repairs. Our skilled mechanical professionals can help you repair and maintain your vehicle with great service and low prices. 

Whether you need brake service or an oil filter change, you can look to the reliable mechanics at North Coast Auto Mall to get the job done right at a great price. Contact us today to book a service appointment with our team of dedicated professionals. You can learn about all the available discounts and service specials going on now at our independent service bay in Cleveland. We are happy to help you with any of your vehicle maintenance questions and needs.

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