How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit



If you need a car but have been turned down because your credit is less than ideal, you have options at North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland. Several lenders provide car buyers with what are known as “subprime loans”. Subprime loans give buyers with poor credit, no creditor limited credit histories, the opportunity to finance the purchase of a vehicle. Many auto dealers work with third-party lenders who are willing to work with customers with poor credit. North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland is able to use our financing network to work with your credit and find you a car.


How It Works

There are a few basic steps to take when seeking financing with poor credit.

  • First, you need to find a dealer who works with credit challenged customers;
  • Second, work with the dealer to find the right third-party lender for pre-approval; and
  • Third, find the right car that fits your budget and transportation needs..

What To Bring When Applying For A Loan

Lenders vary in what they require, so you’ll want to do some research to prepare these commonly requested items.

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Computer-generated paycheck stubs
  • Recent utility bill or bank statement with your name on it
  • Cellphone or landline phone bill in your name

If you are approved, please make sure you have these items with you:

  • Down payment of at least $500 or 10% of the car’s selling price
  • Five to eight personal references

What is Considered Bad Credit?

Your credit rating is based on your overall credit score. A credit score is a number between 300 and 850 that shows your creditworthiness. A bad credit score falls at or below 580, according to the FICO credit scoring system. Factors like not making payments on time, having a short credit history, and spending more than your monthly credit negatively impacts your score.

Why Does Credit Matter When Applying For A Car Loan?

Your credit score plays a large part in determining your loan rates. It shows lenders whether they can trust you with borrowed money. Money lending institutions look at your credit score to help them determine whether you are eligible for loans. You can still get an auto loan with bad credit if there is no minimum score required. All you have to do is find the right lender and get yourself a car.

Steps to Take Before Applying for a Car Loan

Proper planning and research can help you find loans that work for you. Look for loans that you can pay for comfortably. These five things can help you increase your chances of loan approval and lower your interest rates:

1. Improve Your Credit If You Can

Check on your credit score months, even years, in advance immediately you think of getting a new car. Find out what is hurting your credit and clean it up. Pay past-due debts, find and rectify disputing credit report errors and build your credit up. Cleaning up your credit before applying for a loan gives you better chances of getting your loan request approved and with good terms.

2. Find Out How Much You Can Afford

The two major things you should consider when buying a car are how much down payment you’ll need and what the consequent payments will be. Figure out how much you will need, including loan payment, gas, insurance, and upkeep. Calculating this helps you know how much you can afford and find a car that fits into the budget.

3. Maximize Down Payment If Possible

The down payment goes towards your purchase, leaving the remaining amount to pay back over time. If you can, put in a larger down payment, and it will lessen your loan amount together with your monthly payments. A large down payment also reduces the lender’s risk and can help you get a lower interest rate.

4. Find Loan Pre-Approval

Go to lenders and find out how much finance they can give you. Getting a pre-approval helps you shop around, as you know how much you can work with. You can apply for financing from lenders who work with car buyers with bad credit.

How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

The first step to get a car loan with bad credit is to contact our team. But to improve your chances of approval, there are steps you can to plan ahead of your car buying process to improve you credit. You can start by paying your bills on time, reducing your debts as much as you can, and fixing any errors. These steps go a long way into helping you get better chances of loan approval.

You also need to familiarize yourself with various borrowing options and find one that suits your needs. Some lenders specialize in giving loans to people with poor credit. Find out how each lender works before you apply for a loan. Some of the most common types of car financing are:

In-house Financing

In-house financing means that you borrow money from your car dealership vs a bank loan. With this type of financing, you get the car you want, and you make the loan and interest payments directly to the dealership. It is a great way to get a car as you have higher pre-approval chances, flexible interest rates, and an extended warranty. It also gives you an opportunity to build your credit through car payments. North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland is an in-house financing dealership where you can get car financing at competitive financing rates and terms for new and used cars.

Banks or Credit Unions

Some banks and credit unions have options for financing car purchases. You will need to apply with a banker and get pre-approval. The loan is paid back to the union or the bank monthly. This step is good if you already have an established relationship with the lender.

Get a Cosigner

Can you finance a car with no credit? Yes, you can. While this situation isn’t ideal, you can get a friend or someone who agrees to pay a loan with you. This person needs to have good credit and is perfect if you have low or no credit. Be sure to hold your end of the deal as the cosigner is equally responsible for the loan payments. Not paying your end of the agreement leaves the cosigner with a more considerable burden than they signed up for and can ruin their credit.

Do Car Payments Build Credit?

Car loans impact your credit, and they can either help or hurt your credit. It all depends on how well you maintain your repayments. An auto loan application is listed in your credit reports. Depending on how quickly you pay your loan, this information can stay in your credit report for years.

Making your payments on time has a positive impact on your credit score. Paying on time helps build your credit and makes you eligible for other loans. However, more factors, like whether you have other debts and pay them on time, also affect your credibility. One car payment won’t make much of an impact if your overall payments are lacking, but you need to be careful to keep up your payments and stay on top of your credit report.

Find Credit Assistance On Your Next Purchase with North Coast Auto Mall

North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland has helped drivers get approved for car loans and find the car of their dreams for decades. No matter your credit history, our team will work with you to find a payment plan and a vehicle that matches your needs. For any financing, credit, or car loan questions, please reach out to our finance department. We will be happy to assist you.

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