How To Know if a Sedan, SUV, or Truck Is the Right Choice for You

When looking for a ride, you have a choice when it comes to the type of vehicle body you’d like to purchase. Although there are many different vehicle body types, sedans, SUVs, and trucks are among some of the most popular. But what’s the difference between these body types? And how do you decide which one matches your lifestyle? At your North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland, we want you to be confident in the vehicle you choose. Read on to discover how to decide if a sedan, SUV, or truck is the right choice for you.


If you were to create a mental image of what a traditional car looks like, you’d probably be imagining a sedan. This four-door vehicle type comes complete with a rear compartment, also known as a trunk, and an engine compartment in the front. Chances are, you’ve either ridden in or driven a sedan at some point in your life.

Within the sedan category, there’s a large amount of individual variation. A sedan can vary in size from subcompact to full size. They can also vary greatly in price depending on things like available features, manufacturer, and size. Usually, a sedan will seat four people: the driver, and three additional passengers. This makes sense with a sedan’s four-door structure. 

As time passes and more vehicle bodies are introduced, the sedan is becoming less popular. However, the sedans with the most staying power tend to be the ones with luxury interior features, comfortable driver positions, and standard or available features to boost the vehicle’s power and performance. You can often find current technological advancements, like infotainment systems, in any number of sedan options.

Since they represent such a broad spectrum of vehicles, most drivers can find a sedan that matches their needs. They’re excellent for everyday tasks like driving to work, and their four-passenger seating makes them a good pick for families or drivers who expect to transport a small number of passengers. Frequently remaining smaller in size and less vigorous in performance than other options, you can easily find a fuel-efficient sedan. 

If you expect to frequently take your vehicle off road, drive in hazardous conditions, or haul heavy materials, though, other vehicle bodies may be a more efficient choice. If you don’t expect to need those features, you may be happy with a sedan. Explore our collection of used sedans today to see if this vehicle body is right for you.


Also known as a sport utility vehicle, an SUV is a more powerful and sporty vehicle body type. SUVs are usually built on a truck-style chassis, which adds durability and capability. Many SUVs have higher ground clearance, engines with enhanced horsepower and torque, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and substantial towing capacities. Many SUVs also have a four-door body structure that includes a liftgate near the rear to access the cargo area.

Today, many SUVs are from a mid or luxury level. The powerful engines and three-row seating potential of these SUVs make them a great choice for carrying large groups of passengers. Adventurers can also find off-road potential in some SUV versions. 

For those who want to carry a large group of passengers without committing to a minivan body, an SUV is a great choice. If you want to bring large groups on your off-road treks, an SUV offers the best of both worlds in terms of sportiness and cargo and passenger capacity. However, if you need to carry a large amount of cargo, an SUV may not offer you as much space as a truck. And if you’re concerned with fuel efficiency, a smaller sedan may be a safer bet. Check out our collection of used SUVs


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Like with a sedan, you can probably imagine what a truck looks like. This iconic vehicle body type includes a passenger cab and an exposed cargo area in the rear. The cargo area often features box sides and a tailgate that’s around half the height of the cab.

For passenger seating, a truck can have a single or double row of seats. The rear doors of the cab can either be full or half size. Since half-size doors can’t be opened, second-row passengers need to enter the vehicle through the front door. In terms of performance, trucks often have high horsepower offerings and typically use rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. They also usually have very high towing capacities. Smaller trucks may include front-wheel or all-wheel-drive options. The classic truck chassis is offered separately from the body.

Trucks are very popular today, especially for those who need to move a large amount of cargo in the truck’s bed. Those who need to move heavy materials tend to enjoy a truck’s strong towing and hauling capacities. Trucks can come in models that range from simple and classic to luxurious offerings with features like leather upholstery and advanced interior tech. If you need a vehicle that can perform on and off road and move all your cargo, a truck can be a good fit. 

However, if you don’t require these capacities, a truck may offer more features than you need. If you’d like to stay small and fuel efficient, a sedan or smaller SUV may be a better fit. Check out our collection of used trucks today to see if this is your ideal vehicle body type.

How To Choose Between a Sedan, SUV, and Truck

Before you make a purchase, you should consider your needs and desires for a vehicle. Think about how much you value features like cargo space, passenger space, fuel efficiency, and towing capacity. Consider how you’d like to use your vehicle and if you require any enhanced options. From there, you can select the vehicle body that works for you. You can then explore our options to find a vehicle you can’t wait to drive.

Depending on your needs, sedans, SUVs, and trucks are all excellent vehicle body choices. However, some can be better than others in particular situations. At North Coast Auto Mall of Cleveland, we want to make sure that you have enough information to make an informed vehicle choice. If you have any other questions about these vehicle bodies or would simply like to discuss your next ride, you can always contact us today. We’ll help make your vehicle-buying process easy and enjoyable.

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