Used Car Buying Tips For College Grads

Among the many milestones that come with being a young adult, buying a car is a big one, and if you’re about to graduate from college you may be ready to take the plunge into a used ride. There are plenty of incentives to buy used instead of new, namely the price difference. With so many used models for sale, it can be hard to know where to start, but with our Cleveland used car dealership’s list of car buying tips, finding your perfect vehicle has never been easier.

Leasing vs Buying

The first step in buying a used car is to set your budget to determine how much you can afford and decide if you’re going to lease or purchase a vehicle. It can be hard to say where you might be in the future, but if you’re planning on staying in one area for the next two years, leasing could be the right option for you. Besides being a smart way to drive a new car without making the commitment to own it, many dealerships also offer special incentives and lower monthly payments for leasing.

Investigate History

No matter where you get your used car from, it’s a smart idea to ask for a vehicle history report and a pre-purchase inspection. A history report and inspection can reveal the car’s accident history, major repairs, ownership history, and any underlying problems, which can give you more negotiation leverage and help you make an informed decision on whether the vehicle is worth purchasing.

Financing Options

Unless you’re paying for a car in full, you will need to finance your car which can be tough for college grads who haven’t established credit yet. At North Coast Auto Mall, we have an in-house car financing program that is designed to help Cleveland drivers with credit issues or no credit at all so that they can secure a car loan! Our approval process is quick and easy, and our reliable finance department will work with you every step of the way to get you behind the wheel of your dream car.

Find Your Next Used Car In Cleveland

Buying a used car can be a daunting task but with these tips, it doesn’t have to be. Contact us at North Coast Auto Mall for your next used car or call us at 216-398-6892 to learn more about our inventory of capable used cars.

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