Questions To Ask When Buying Used

Used cars for sale near Parma

You’ve just purchased your next used vehicle, you’re driving off the lot, and suddenly you remember all of the questions you wanted to ask the salesperson! Don’t let this happen to you. Our used car dealer serving Parma is here with a list of questions you can bring along on your next dealership visit. 

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Ask The Right Questions About Your Used Car Near Parma

Bring this list of questions with you when you’re shopping for a used car and check them off when they’re answered. You’ll be the most informed customer on the lot!

Is it 4x4?

A four- or all-wheel drive vehicle delivers better traction of tough terrain and slippery surfaces, but also requires more maintenance than a front- or rear-wheel drive vehicle. You should always check the drive system on each car you look at and decide accordingly as to whether or not it fits your needs.

Does it Have a History of Accidents?

Even if a car looks pristine, there’s a possibility that it’s been in an accident before. While a car can definitely be worth buying after an accident, knowing all of the facts can help you to decide whether it’s right for you and your plans. It never hurts to ask.

What Extras are Included?

From the manual, to spare keys and fobs, to the spare tire and jack, most new cars include several accessories like these. They might not always be present and accounted for on a pre-owned car, though, so be sure to double check if these are of particular importance to you.

How Are the Consumables?

We take pride in offering quality vehicles, as you can see from the latest reviews of our used car dealership. We’re always open to questions about recent services and the state of a vehicle’s tires or brakes, so don’t hesitate to ask!

When you’re armed with this list of questions, you’ll get the answers you need in no time. Contact us today at our Parma area used car dealership. We can’t wait to help you find your next daily driver!

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