How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

man wiping down interior dashboard

As concerns grow over COVID-19, many people have spent time cleaning and disinfecting their homes–but what about the inside of your vehicle? It’s important to keep your car as clean as your home. Whether you’re running out for vital supplies or are an essential worker, North Coast Auto Mall in Cleveland is here to help you get your vehicle’s interior germ-free without damaging it!

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Wash Your Hands Before Hitting the Cleveland Roads

Wash your hands thoroughly before climbing into your vehicle. This reduces the number of contaminants you bring inside your ride and can limit the spread of germs.

Wipe Down Touchpoints

It’s a good idea to clean the places you come in contact with the most. Using a safe cleaning agent, wipe down and disinfect door handles, seat belts, gear shifters, the steering wheel, dashboard, and touchscreen displays.

Break Out the Vacuum

Your vehicle naturally collects dust. Debris can also easily be tracked inside your vehicle after each trip to the grocery store or commute to work. Take care to vacuum and suck up any loose dirt from your floor mats and seats for a clean you can see.

Sanitize Seats

In need of a deeper clean? Drivers can shampoo and scrub cloth seats as needed to beat bacteria and germs. Leather and vinyl upholstery can be tricky to sanitize, however, so treat these areas with the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents. Our team of experts at our Cleveland used dealer recommend testing any product or treatment on a spot out-of-sight to prevent discoloration or damage.

By following these tips, you can quickly clean your car’s interior and ensure both you and your passengers’ safety in these troubling times. Contact us at North Coast Auto Mall today for additional advice or tricks on keeping your vehicle germ-free.

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